Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ridiculously Happy Cat

Our cat, Addie, is going to be 2 years old in a couple of weeks and I had thought that I was going to be able to hold out until then before I introduced my blog readers to her. Ha! As if. I took a couple of videos of her today that I could not keep to myself.

Keeping Daddy company
Blissed out by the keyboard
To explain the context: Addie loves to spend time with her people. She dotes on Sarah and me nearly all day long. If Sarah and I are in a room together, Addie has to be in that room. If we are in different rooms, Addie ordinarily chooses a spot somewhere between us so that she can monitor the situation. If only one of us is home (usually me) Addie spends most of her time close at hand, unless she's cold in which case she goes somewhere to seek out heat. She hates the sound of my razor because she knows it usually means I'm going out and she would do everything in her power to stop that from happening. Usually she demands to be picked up in my arms (on her back) and then proceeds to gnaw and chew on my hands for as long as she can to delay my departure. Sometimes she lies across the front door jamb. Other times she simply rolls around on the carpet and purrs (purring is rare for her) so that I will find her irresistible and not be able to leave. I have taken to allowing 15 extra minutes to get out of the apartment since Addie has come to live with us.

Sarah calls this "sleeping like a people"
This sums Addie up better than any other picture we have of her.
My favourite picture of her so far...

Addie is one of the most relaxed cats I have ever lived with. She can sleep in absolutely any position, although "like a people" and "legs hither and yon" (both displayed above in photo form) are two of her favourites.

However, for all of her doting and relaxed personality, Addie does not particularly care to be patted by hand or cuddled up to. Sometimes you can lightly push her over and rub her nethers near her tail - and sometimes she will purr at this, especially when she's in her little cloth "tunnel" - but usually she'll just put up with it for a moment and then move just out of arm's reach, where she will settle down again and stare at you to make sure you got the message. This is rough on me, in particular, because I have always had cuddly cats in my life...but both Addie and I have made concessions on this front over the past year and a half and I think we've come to some kind of mutual understanding.

But if you use your feet, well....Addie is putty in your....hmm. Feet, I guess. Putty in your feet. She absolutely loves to be rubbed by a foot and quite often will walk a few feet in front of me, looking back over her shoulder until she's sure I've spotted her and then flop down and roll over right next to my foot, encouraging me to rub her exceptionally soft tummy for as long as I can hold my balance.

Today she toddled downstairs while I was taking a break from my internet activities and eating lunch in front of an old movie. She got up close to my feet and dropped into a familiar position and....well, see for yourself:

(Some quick trivia: can anyone tell me what movie is playing in the background just from the dialogue? I was trying to mute it which is why Addie goes out of frame for a moment or two.)

The rubbing went on for quite some time - somewhere around 15-20 minutes all told - so I took a second video of her. It's much like the first only quieter and if you don't want to watch the whole thing again, skip ahead to the :40 mark for a really cute leg kick:

Addie's birthday is May 19. Let's see if I can make it until then before I post another round of pics; frankly, I doubt that's possible.


  1. Well I certainly hope you don't make it until then! I want more cat pics! Love the video and the cute little kick. She was certainly in her happy place, wasn't she? I like how her tail starts twitching at the end.

    Did your foot get tired? :)

    Can't name the movie, alas.

    1. LOL - I won't, don't worry. I expect there will be more within a week. For one thing, as I type this Addie is lying on her back with her forepaws in the air squished into a little basket I keep by the computer for precisely that purpose. :) I'll have that picture to upload next time.

      I think her tail started to twitch because I started to talk to her at that point! She responds to our voices in that way quite often. And no, my foot didn't get tired at all; she eventually got up and got something to eat!

      The movie is a tough one. It's a very well-known film from the late '50s but the part that was playing is not particularly memorable. I'm going to leave it at that for now and see if anyone else works it out!

      Thanks for the encouragement. Cat pics again soon. :)


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