Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Awenda 2012 - Day Two

What a delightful way to start the day!
Because we were so late getting to bed on Friday night and because our leaky air mattress interfered with our ability to sleep soundly, we had a bit of a slow start to our Saturday. Sarah and I didn't get out of our tent until 10:30AM and when we finally ventured down the road to the comfort station we were greeted with the message you see in this picture. Kristen, Erin and Matthew put this sign together at the foot of their driveway and it was a hit for every person who passed it by for the rest of the day. After we returned to our site we rustled up some coffee and fried up some bacon and eggs. When we were done and cleaned up we headed over to the Ramendas' site and hung out there for a while until the kids got too restless to sit still any longer. We knew it was time for the beach.

Sarah and Trish on the beach
The beach at Awenda is a rather strange one. It's not very big (although it is technically broken into four beaches, everyone congregates on Beach 1 or Beach 2). Awenda is a very large park and yet the beach never really seems to get all that crowded. It's a very rocky part of Georgian Bay, so the beach, the water and the surrounding land are all littered with boulders, pebbles, stones, and the like. The water - especially in the "sheltered" areas - is very shallow and warm so it's a terrific place for kids or to play with a ball such as a Waboba or a Nerf football. For those who prefer to actually swim, it's a simple matter of going out past the rocky outcroppings and into the open water. Ordinarily the kids love to jump off of a couple of the larger boulders, but this year the water level is at least 16-18 inches lower than in years past so some of their "diving platforms" were just too unsafe.

Sarah and the Ramendas enjoying the watery see-saw
However, some enterprising soul came up with the idea of placing a large log between some of the newly-exposed rocks this summer, forming a rudimentary teeter-totter in the water. I'm not sure very many people realized it was there because it wasn't a popular spot from what I could tell; still, it was fun to watch the kids that did discover it bobbing up and down from our vantage point on the beach. And because there were no actual seats on it per se, we were able to congregate our entire group (sans Grumpy P, photographer) on the log at one time for this photo. I took some other pictures, too, but most of them just highlighted one or more of the kids (of all ages) clowning around on the thing:

Looks like Grumpy P is in distress!
Goofing around on the teeter-totter

Zen garden on Grumpy P's flipper
Kristen spent a chunk of her time on the beach (which was minimal to begin with; we were in the water for most of the afternoon) turning my foot into some sort of "Zen garden", for reasons beyond my comprehension. I love all three of Trish and Chris' kids but there seems to be some sort of spiritual bond between Kristen and me that goes all the way back to her earliest days on this planet. This is not to suggest the bond is weak with the others; we don't get to see them very often at all (far less than we would like) and yet every time we get together we all seem to be best buds again right away. I hope this continues forever.

The view from my chair
Late in the afternoon as some clouds rolled in we reluctantly pulled ourselves away from the beach and made the trek back to our campsites, exhausted, refreshed and happy. Sarah and I relaxed for a bit in our chairs then cooked up some sausages and corn and took it over to the Ramendas' site so we could all eat together around an early fire. There was no ban or restrictions of any kind when we arrived on Friday; however, by Saturday night we were only allowed to have a fire from 7PM until 10PM and had to have a bucket of water on hand at all times. This seemed disappointing at first, but by 10PM we were all ready for bed so the ban posed no real hardship for us, as it turned out. We said our goodnights, made a stop at the comfort station, then turned in for the night, hoping to get an earlier start on the next day.

And did we? Well, you'll have to return tomorrow to find out. I promise you this: it will be worth your while just for the video I will be posting, if nothing else.


  1. Swimming in Canadian lakes is definitely the highlight of all of my summers! We are unbelievably lucky to have so many beautiful lakes, and the water is clear and refreshing.

    1. I'd love to be a bit closer to the ocean, but at least we've got a lot of fresh water to choose from. I'm surprised you ever left the water, to be honest. :)

  2. Looks like an idyllic spot. Nothing beats swimming in freshwater. Glad you had a good weekend.

    1. Thanks, G-Mac! There's a reason we choose the exact same campsite at the same time of year every summer. I'm thrilled we have found such a great site so close to Toronto (under 2 hours in decent traffic flow). That's not been easy to do; we tend to get much farther away to find our tranquility, normally.

  3. Replies
    1. Wasn't that cool?? They're such great kids. :)

    2. Me, Erin and Matthew decided you might like a nice greeting for a beautiful new day at Awenda Provencial Park!

    3. And you were absolutely right! :)


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