Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let's get this party started!

Many of my friends have told me I really should have a blog. It's likely that most of them secretly hoped I would not take that advice, but the day has finally come. Anyone close to me has heard all my gripes/stories/ridiculous puns already, so I had to either branch out into the global theatre or keep my opinions to myself from now on.

It wasn't much of a contest.

So as life in this bloated, tedious, badly-run, anonymous city continues to take its toll on me, I will post about it here. For one thing, I can use more characters than Twitter or even Facebook. So there's that. For another, I like to think I am way more important than I actually am, so I am a perfect candidate for the ranting, meandering, kvetching kind of blog that will likely result.

So take that as you will. I will think up a worthy "first gripe" and post about it - likely at great length - once I narrow the field.

Thanks for checking me out.

-The Grumpy Penguin

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I've kept my comments open and moderation-free for many years, but I've been forced to now review them before they post due to the actions of one member of my family. I apologize for having to take this stance, but that's the way the world is headed, sad to say. Thank you for your understanding.

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