Friday, March 4, 2011

This is why we do it

It's been a very trying year for me (and my fellow coaches) in the minor hockey league up the street from my apartment. Some of the trips to the rink have been made reluctantly and with tight stomachs. It's not a really good way to spend your weekend when you're always worried about another shoe dropping from the idiot executives in their fortress of absolute power.

But then this comes to my inbox gets a lot easier to "Keep Calm and Carry On".

*** Hey Steve,

Sorry to throw another e-mail your way but as I previously told you i'm very opinionated. lol

Yes I was extremely disappointed with [the convenor]'s response and really didn't want to start a pissing war(pardon my french)
So I basically took the easy way out, I felt this was necessary to keep this away from [his son] H----- and not have this effect him in the years to come. H----- really looks forward to playing and practicing every weekend. We have some great conversations about hockey,and I can tell you he just wants to get better and keep having fun! Which leads me to you,J--- and C-----.
I cannot thank you guys enough for what you have done for H----- this year. I always make a mental note at the beginning of the year and watch H-----'s progress throughout the rest of the year. Well iv'e seen H----- do alot of great things this year that I didn't know he had in him! As a father watching his son, this is where I get great satisfaction...and it's to you guys I thank.
I couldn't have asked for three better coaches for H----- to have before he goes to the next level, next year.It's a big step to the Bantam level and I now feel very comfortable for H----- to make this step......once again I thank you.
 As allow me to have participated in two practices with my son and the rest of the kids meant the world to me.
Last practice I showed H----- how to take a slapshot, the smile on his face said it all......this again meant more to me then I can say.
In closing, I wish the best to you guys and thank you for everything you have done this hockey season for my son and myself.
If I can ever do anything to help you guys out, please do not hesitate to ask.

Forever Greatful,

T--- ***

Even if the spelling had been perfect this wouldn't have read any better.

Coaching. There truly is nothing like it.

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  1. For Better or For Worse has been all about kid's hockey this week. Your post reminds me of one of this week's strips:

    See Lynn Johnson's comments below the strip. Clearly some parents really do "get it"!


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