Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dora's Big Adventure

Well, the angst of yesterday has been washed away - for now, at least. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to make a more light-hearted post on the blog, so I went searching through some old pictures for inspiration. I think I've found a good subject!

Two summers ago Sarah and I made our more-or-less semi-annual pilgrimage to Kenora, ON. We drove each way - which we prefer to do, because that drive is just so beautiful and it gives us some time alone together - and when we were about to leave to return to Toronto we discovered that our little niece, Samantha, had left her "Dora the Explorer" doll behind when she and her family returned to Pickering a day or two ahead of us. So we offered to bring it back with us, which gave me an idea for an homage to Amelie. I decided that I would take pictures of Dora visiting some landmarks on her way home and, since we couldn't return the doll for about a week, I would send an email each day to Sammy and her parents "from Dora" with a picture of where she was spending her time. This is how that turned out:

Dora and Husky the Muskie, Kenora, ON
Dora and Husky the Muskie, Kenora

Dora and Maximillian Moose, Dryden, ON
Dora and Maximillian Moose, Dryden

Dora and Terry Fox, Thunder Bay, ON
Dora and Bronze Terry Fox, Thunder Bay

Dora and the Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay, ON
Dora and The Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay

Dora in Marathon, ON
Dora in Marathon

Dora and Winnie-the-Pooh, White River, ON
Dora and Winnie-the-Pooh, White River

Dora and the Goose, Wawa, ON
Dora and the Canada Goose, Wawa

Dora and her ride, White River, ON
Dora and her ride

Apparently, Dora slept through the entire last day of the trip as the final picture she posed for was in Wawa. She refused to come out of her dressing room after that. Typical celebrity behaviour.

We've passed each of those landmarks several times now but they've never looked more interesting than when Dora was demonstrating them for us!


  1. That last picture is so funny because she looks photo-shopped, even though she isn't!

    1. The one with the car? Really? Wow - to me the ones that seem most likely to have been photoshopped are the ones where the flash lights her up but not the background - like Husky and Max!

  2. Replies
    1. I ain't got no mora dora fora tommora. Sorra. Maybe some flora? A mennorah? Some chicken cacciatore?


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