Monday, January 28, 2013

Georgia's Baptism: A Plog Post

The proud papa and the gorgeous child
Yesterday we attended the baptism of our niece, Georgia Alexandria, at the Franciscan Church of St. Bonaventure, near Edwards Gardens in Toronto. There is very little point in my trying to explain or even tell the story of the actual ceremony; as an atheist I don't really follow the machinations of any church and, in this particular case, I was concentrating so much on capturing the event on film that I really wasn't paying attention to the words and specific events unfolding in front of me. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure as well, there are myriad places to look on the internet to shed some light for you. I say this with neither rancour nor judgment; rather, I offer it as an apology for the incompleteness of this blog post today, which will consist mainly of pictures. The ceremony was certainly lively—we also attended the baptisms of Georgia's brothers Max and Charlie at the same church—and very important to our extended family; we are always honoured when we are asked to attend these sacraments. Yesterday Georgia was the only infant being baptised, which is very unusual in my rather limited experience. As a result, we had the church to ourselves after the Sunday service was completed which gave me ample opportunity to take photos during the proceedings (flashless, after receiving the permission of the friar performing the ceremony).

Auntie Sarah with Brian and Georgia
The friar was not the man we are used to seeing at the church, though. I didn't catch the name of the friar performing the baptism yesterday, but I did hear him say something about his predecessor, "Father Rick", doing well in the United States somewhere. The ceremony moved along apace and the "new" friar certainly was personable and unflappable, but I found myself missing Father Rick as he has performed every previous church function that I have attended revolving around my brother- and sister-in-law, including their wedding and the funeral after the tragic loss of their first child, Alexander, immediately after he was born. Sarah and I especially liked the stole that Father Rick wore to the previous baptisms: festooned with cartoon-like images of young children at play on a white background. Yesterday's official wore no such garment and it was missed. But he did relate very well to Max and Charlie, the latter of which was rather boisterous at times, and we were very thankful for that skill.

I've not much more to add about the service itself, so here are some pictures from our time at the church:

Last-minute adjustments
Brian and Georgia

Mommy (Michelle), Daddy and Georgia
The whole family gets involved

There was one priceless "Kodak Moment" late in the ceremony where Charlie, who was under the weather but had been full of energy nonetheless up to that point, started to wind down a bit and headed straight for his brother, Max, for some comfort:

Brotherly love

Auntie Sarah and Charlie
When we were done at the church we headed to Brian and Michelle's for some lunch and a little conversation. As we hadn't seen a lot of Michelle's family in the past year or so (just one of those things) we enjoyed catching up with them for a while over wine and sandwiches. Michelle's mom and dad, sister and her family (husband and two boys), and aunt and uncle were there and the gathering felt fairly intimate, which was appreciated by all. Sarah's mom and dad live too far away (Ottawa and Kenora, respectively) for either of them to have attended, but Sarah and I took the best of the pictures and put them up on DropBox for them to look at. We stayed for a couple of hours, heading home around 4:30 p.m. so we could spend a little time alone with Addie as the weekend had been quite busy for us and Sarah had had a rough week, health-wise. But before we left, Sarah had a chance to sit with Georgia for a few minutes and I grabbed two fantastic pictures:

Girl of the hour

Auntie Sarah and Georgia

As Michelle more or less proclaimed on Sunday that they themselves won't have any reason to do this again (if you know what I mean) I wonder if that was our last-ever visit to that particular church. It has sure been an important part of our lives over the past decade.


  1. Nice post. You really needn't apologize for having mostly pictures in your post, especially when they are as wonderful as these.

    1. You're probably right. Plus it turned out to be considerably more "verbose" than I thought it would. It's just that I usually like to narrate the events I am posting about; in this case, though, I am woefully uninformed about the mechanics of a baptism. :) But, as usual, amazing pics of Sarah and the rest of the family carried the day! Thanks. :)


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