Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Ok, so that will likely be the single most unoriginal blog post title I use this entire year but, really, how could I say anything else? Sarah and I were fortunate enough to have multiple invites last night (as has happened the past couple of years, actually) and split up our visits the best way we could. In years gone by, we have spent the bulk of our New Year's Eves at the home of the Lofthouses, watching the Canada Juniors play (ordinarily against the States, it seems) and just hanging out. For two of those years, the quiet sort of evening we had with them was pretty necessary for our well-being as we took off for the Dominican Republic very, very early on January 2 (on both occasions) and did not want to be burned out just twenty-six or so hours earlier. But this year the Junior tourney (hockey, that is, if you haven't figured it out yet) is being played in Russia and the games are at ungodly hours in our time zone, so there was no hockey to be watched last night. Also, there is a very young lad in the Lofthouse family these days and it seemed prudent to just have dinner with them and leave them to their own devices. So we did exactly that and had a fantastic time. Of course, as we expected, when it came time to actually leave for the "other" party we really didn't want to go.

In between "engagements" we had to briefly pop home (it was on our way anyhow) because we had forgotten to bring the champagne with us that we wanted to open at midnight. However, this proved a bit difficult because police and emergency crews had completely cordoned off the block in front of our building while they investigated (apparently) an accident. We detoured and came in "the back way" but were home far too briefly to find out what was going on. When we came back for good around 1 a.m. the block was still inaccessible and we started to wonder how serious the incident was. We tried to find out as much as we could before going to bed but there was virtually nothing about it on any of the local news sources. As I mentioned on Facebook tonight: it's a bit surreal to have such a prolonged hive of activity (and plethora of police tape) in front of your home and yet have it not be deemed newsworthy in any way. And more than just being surreal, I wonder what that says about life in this city in general. I expect I will ponder that at greater length in the coming days and perhaps it will become part of a future blog post.

The second party we attended was at the home of friends who have also had a recent addition to their family, but of the four-legged variety. Here is a picture of Sarah holding Fergus, who is an eleven-week-old Coton de TulĂ©ar. Fergus is a wriggling, jiggling, fluffy bundle of unabashed joy who completely chewed up the scenery (only figuratively, luckily) the entire time we were there. I had never heard of this breed before last night and was surprised to learn that they trace their roots back to Madagascar! Sarah was absolutely head-over-heels in love with this little soul—so much so, in fact, that at one point she looked up at me and said, "I know what I want for Christmas next year!" I think she even may not have been kidding. Fergus is unbearably cute and it was tough to tear ourselves away from his charms long enough to perform a countdown at midnight. Even at that we almost missed it because nobody could find any station on the radio that was ringing in the New Year and there was no television to be found, shocking as that may seem. Furthermore, it turned out that it was a darned good thing we fought our way to our home to pick up the champagne en route because we were the only people who brought any! It was a big bottle, though, so Sarah graciously shared it with the group (it was a birthday present originally) and a potential crisis was averted—not before, however, I nearly shot my own ear off when the cork (which clearly had a mind of its own) shot out of the bottle a full four minutes before midnight. It was quite a comedy of errors, but at least we didn't miss the actual turning of the year as one of our merry band pulled out a cell phone that showed the seconds with only moments to spare!

I'm thinking next year it might be back to the "quiet" midnight at the Lofthouses.

However you celebrated the beginning of 2013, I hope you had a fun and safe evening last night and a calm and restful day today.


  1. Happy New Year to you too! Let's hope this is the year we get stinking rich and have one hell of a good time. Maybe we can find a way to tackle all the stupidity in this country, too, and get people to realize what a totally awful government we have. Here's to our dreams - may some of them come true.

    1. I would settle for any one of those dreams. Thanks for the amazing camera! I just posted the Zoo pics and they are absolutely stunning. Love ya, Maman F!


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