Sunday, February 10, 2013

Walk out to Winter

Walk out to winter, swear I'll be there.
Chance is buried just below the blinding snow.
— Aztec Camera

Late in the storm on Friday
After weathering the Snowmageddon™ storm on Friday (or "Nemo" if you live on the east coast), Sarah and I awoke yesterday to a stunningly beautiful vista in the park next to our building. As promised in yesterday's post, we went out and took a walk through the still-fresh snow in the brilliant sunshine. It won't last long on the ground—it's supposed to be six degrees tomorrow and raining off and on, starting this evening. When the temperature then hovers just below zero the next day the roads should be absolutely perfect for driving back out to the Zoo...assuming Tuesday is opposite day. I had no trouble with the commute on Friday; I expect to have all my Spidey Senses tingling both ways on Tuesday. Snow = no problem; black ice = not so much. It might require another non-highway commute. In any event, during our walk yesterday the light conditions were perfect so I snapped off a large quantity of photos. For most of them, adding a lot of extra verbiage will accomplish nothing, so I am going to post my favourites here with a minimum of loquacious distraction. Besides, if the Old Math holds true, then this "plog" post should be worth nearly 25,000 words. So, without further ado: a pictorial of our hike on The Day After Snomageddon 2013™.

Looking back at our apartment building and Parkside Elementary;
our unit is on the top floor, second from the left, top two sets of windows

Sarah demonstrating the depth of the snow (it's over
her boots), looking unimpressed for some reason...

Making snow angels in the Dog Park

Sarah spies the swings....


....she's off!

I was fascinated by the shadows of the "tree fingers" on the undisturbed snow

The stunningly blue sky through the tangled
branches of a pine tree near the swing set

The path behind the rink and snack bar; while there is a good accumulation,
it's obviously far from an overwhelming quantity of show

The "Jays Care" field from last spring: only a few more days
until Spring Training!

This tree looked like a cake decoration with
spray-on frosting

Bleachers awaiting the first pitch of the spring; Sarah said they looked
a bit like a "monster" coming out of the snow

The skateboard park, completely filled with snow—now that's impressive

I really enjoyed the splash of colourful plant life against the nearly
blinding whiteness of the snowy landscape

Here the fresh snow looks like white shale

I really don't know what this mural is supposed to represent (maybe I'm out
of touch?) but the parking lot is next to a curling rink; I love the blue tinge
to the mounds of snow left behind by the plow and not in direct sunlight

Mother Nature: still the very best landscape artist there is

Dig those funky purple boots! When Sarah saw this picture her very
first comment was, "Hey! My butt looks terrific in that shot!"
So, of course, I had to include it here....

The moderately high winds on Friday made for an interesting "spray pattern" to the drifting snow. The giant footprint of our building had quite an effect on the accumulation. Here are two pictures of the front lawn; the one on the left is the north half and the one on the right is the south. Quite a difference!

And then we returned to our apartment and this sweet, lovely creature:

Our beloved Addie enjoying the sunny day from a discreet distance

And. as usual, that was the most beautiful thing we saw all day.


  1. You call that a snow cover? Phaugh! You city people! When I went to my country home this weekend, the snow was soooo deep, I had to do the Australian crawl through a sea of the stuff over my head to get to my front door. (Just kidding. Great pictures - especially of my pretty daughter - whose butt does, indeed look great!)

    1. I know—you don't get no respect, right? :D

      I don't call that a "snow cover". I don't know if you read the two previous blog posts; in them I was mocking the many people in this city that were all up in arms over the "incredible storm" we were supposed to be getting. We didn't even get 10 inches on Friday and the ground was bare when it started—and it will be bare again, probably, by Tuesday morning! And then everyone here will complain about the rain...sigh.

      I try to make sure Sarah is in at least 10% of the pictures I post overall to ensure that at least that many turn out great. :)


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