Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting the Most out of Simcoe Day Weekend

I think this is a scene from Superman 2
Sorry for the "cone of silence" this weekend, but Sarah and I have been really busy...relaxing. We've been visiting or hanging out with a lot of different friends (and yet it still seems as if we missed seeing so many) and have hardly been home together since Friday night. In no way should you construe this as complaining; rather, I'm merely explaining my absence from this blog for a couple of days. On Saturday we went to a barbecue at the home of our friends James and Karen, with whom we have gone camping in July for several years in a row until the streak came to an end this summer. This was our opportunity to catch up with them because these chances do not come along every day in these busy summer months. James built a tree fort or tree house or clubhouse or some such thing (I'll get it wrong no matter what so let's just say it's one of those) and Susan and Jason decided to pay it a visit while James was grilling the meat. Then, if this picture is an accurate portrayal of events, apparently Jason became trapped in the glass of the fort, never to be heard from again. He looked for all the world like Han Solo frozen in carbonite, or perhaps more like General Zod, banished to the Phantom Zone in Superman 2. Or, um, perhaps something less geeky. Either way, here's Jason in the clubhouse. Or whatever it is. Time to move on....

Water of life indeed.
Saturday some old friends got together to help one of our own through a tough time in his life. We met at Allen's on the Danforth, the same bar that Alex, Iain and I met at in May for our Scotch Night. The mood wasn't, unfortunately, quite as upbeat on Saturday but what we lacked in happy fun times we more than made up for in liquor consumption. We were there for five hours and we barely had a bite to eat during that time. We did, however, sample quite a few different scotches and beers, listen to our friend talk about what's going on and offer some pretty sage advice and support, with the weight of many years and widely diverse experiences behind us. I think it's safe to say it was as much of a success as it could possibly be. At least this friend's issue was pretty straightforward; for the past month or so another lad in my circle has been stuck in what appears to be a movie co-written by Stephen King and Nora Ephron, adapted by Charlie Kaufman and directed by David Cronenberg. Actually, I think that sums his situation up pretty much perfectly. A day may come when there will be a lengthy blog piece on that subject, but it is not this day. This day we fight! I don't know why I'm geeking out so much tonight. Must be the company I've been keeping this weekend.

I spent some time communing with this froggy today
Today we met another set of friends again (with just a small overlap) on a picnic in Centennial Park in Etobicoke. Our friend from across the pond, Michael, was here again visiting his partner Louise and several people wanted to get together with him before he had to jump on a plane for home this evening. Centennial Park was chosen for its proximity to the airport, although ultimately that didn't really make much difference because around 4 p.m. the remaining picnickers packed up and headed to Brampton to spend some time with yet more friends (who couldn't make the picnic). Michael ended up leaving from there to the airport, but at least the drive from Centennial Park to Brampton (and, consequently, from Brampton to the airport) was a fairly short one. One of the people whose home we visited in Brampton is the extremely erudite individual who is responsible for the "pablospages" blog to which I link in the right-hand column of my own blog. His material, although infrequent, is really quite excellent. Please check it out when you get the chance.

Because we were away from home for much of this weekend, our little Addie has been quite bored. Tonight in particular we just couldn't seem to satisfy her; every time we stopped playing with her she started to mew from various rooms in the apartment until we turned our attention back to her. We were running out of things to do for her when Sarah hit upon the idea of putting a small quantity of catnip on the stairs and letting Addie just roll around in it for a while. We didn't get the camera ready in time to catch Addie with her head covered in the stuff, but we did manage to take a short video of its after-effects:

The downside of this hilarity is that Addie was disqualified from the Olympics tonight in a "doping" scandal. *rimshot* That's a shame, because she was in line to replace the referee of today's Canada-USA women's soccer semi-final for all future matches, due to the abject and utter incompetence of the referee in question.

But that's a post for another day. This weekend has been too relaxing to ruin it with a sports rant. Besides, at the end of the day it's still soccer. And I hate soccer.

Tomorrow: website goes live come hell or high water. Hope there's time for a post after that.


  1. It's always so easy in the summer to socialize and spend time with people you don't see much in the cooler months!

    1. Because of all of our busy schedules, though, sometimes it seems harder than it ought to!

  2. It was great to see you guys! Sorry about the short notice; we had the best of intentions, and then all of a sudden the summer was (mostly) over.

    1. Short notice is always cool; we just had the issue of Addie whom we would have made arrangements for if we had known we could be out past her dinner time. Otherwise we would have stayed for the BBQ - and never apologize for having us over and giving me a beer. :)


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