Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Already August?

Addie enjoying some rare fresh air
Even though the heat of this summer has been nearly unbearable for me - and I spend so little of my day outside, but this computer room is crazy hot - it still seems incredible to me that it's going by so fast. It feels like the fireworks of Canada Day just happened! The truly odd thing is that, even though the air in Toronto has been stifling this summer, we've still managed to open the windows for Addie a couple of times each day, which is something we really didn't do last summer even though it was quite a bit cooler. Odder still, though, is the fact that Addie has recently shown signs of staying away from the open windows because it's too hot even for her. Tonight while I was out at a meeting, Sarah took Addie back out on the balcony to get some wind on her fur (Addie's, I mean) and let her walk around on the harness and leash for a while. We call this a "picnic" in homage to a wonderful Whiskas commercial of a year or so ago:

I love that it's a guy in that commercial with his cat; this is not a common theme for advertising and, as you can imagine, I can't get enough of this sort of thing.

The meeting I had tonight, by the way, was once again with the Challenge Factory who are starting to utilize a new "tool" in helping their clients accomplish their goals of obtaining a "Legacy Career". They are setting up "Triads" among their current clients, which are groups of three peers in various stages of their programmes, helping each other get through the steps in a series of meetings together. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, not only because I am at a late stage of the process, but also because I'm just not sure I like the concept of breaking off into small groups to work. However, once I met the two lads they had...uh..."tripled" me up with, I think it might be a terrific idea and I am going to dive into this completely. I'll pass along more about this concept as it develops and as I find out exactly what the other two members of my "triad" are comfortable with me divulging.

Is it "Take your Cat to Work Day" already?
As I was preparing to leave for the meeting today I pulled out my old and rarely-used briefcase to look for an old binder I thought was in there. I think it was open for maybe 5 seconds on the bed and I was about to put the contents back in it when Addie appeared out of nowhere, pushed my hand away and instantly settled inside the case. I don't think she was even upstairs when I opened it, much less in the bedroom, but there's no putting anything past her. I took a couple of pictures of her laid out in the briefcase but this is easily the best one. A very nice perq to getting this business going - once it really is going - will be that "Take your Cat to Work Day" will be every day from then on. She is the best "office mate" I have ever had in my life.

Where have you seen this picture before? Click to find out!
There's a stunning full moon (technically, it's full in the wee small hours of tomorrow morning) blazing in through the window right now. It's just above my line of sight while sitting at the computer and even when I'm not looking directly at it the intensity of its white light makes me feel almost as if I am being stared at. I love full moons; but then, that won't come as a surprise to regular readers of this blog. It felt like a good day around here already, with Sarah starting holidays and the two of us just hanging out and watching the Olympics together, but it got a whole lot better - as it always does - the moment I felt Luna's pull tonight. And the best thing about a full moon coming on the first day or two of the month: there will be a Calendar (as opposed to Seasonal) Blue Moon in August, on the 31st. The last occurrence was on New Year's Eve in 2009, which was a really fun night because Sarah and I always celebrate the Blue Moons with a small party; New Year's Eve being added to the mix just made it doubly exciting. Here is how it looked:

♪Nothin' but blue food do I see....♫
Grumpy P with Jill and her beau, Jim

Well, the beer was supposed to be blue...
Uh...honey? Could you take a look at this?

Yummy blue pasta!!
"Jill, I am your father." "That's impossible!"

Hmm. I just noticed that August 31 falls on the Friday of the Labour Day weekend. I guess I had better start planning now!


  1. Hopefully, blue food colouring isn't bad to consume in large quantities - we've had quite a bit of it over the years...

    1. I think I read something about it but I don't remember butterfly shoe megaphone.


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