Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just an Unusual Day All Around

The one and only "G-Mac", owner of many cool lids
When I woke up this morning I was determined to dedicate my day to getting my website to the point where it could go "live" tonight, come hell or high water. The last I had heard, the Toronto Sun article about the Challenge Factory (with me in it) was supposed to come out tomorrow and there was still work to be done. By noon I realized that it was going to be very difficult indeed to complete my mission - and that was before I realized that Yahoo! mail was down. I mean, really down. Completely inaccessible for a very long time. It was pretty frustrating. At almost exactly that moment it also dawned on me that today was Tuesday (I was convinced it was Monday, for some reason which was likely to do with the kids being here yesterday) and that I was supposed to meet my friend Gavin for our semi-regular coffee "man-date". Since that wasn't until 2 p.m. I had about an hour before I had to start getting ready. So I decided to check my Gmail, an account that I usually reserve for more professional pursuits. The first email I read was from the Sun reporter letting me know that the article was postponed a week and will now appear in the August 8 edition. Hallelujah! But immediately after that moment of elation I noticed the next item down on the list: a reminder from Google Calendar of my "date" with Gavin....at 1 p.m.. Uh....how could that be? Surely I must have entered it into the calendar wrong? I mean, it was already 5 minutes to 1!

No sooner had I formulated those thoughts than my phone announced there was a text message waiting for me - from Gavin. "A couple of minutes late," it said. "Almost there!" Huh. I guess it was supposed to be at 1 p.m. after all. I immediately called Gavin, apologized profusely and said I would be there in fifteen minutes. I quickly washed up (no time for a shower), shaved and threw on a ball cap, racing out the door at just after one o'clock. Down to the car, out into the sudden intense darkness (how could it be that dark at one in the afternoon??) and over to the Timothy's on Danforth near Broadview. I parked the car in a lot around the corner and, as I started to put my credit card in the ticket machine, the skies absolutely opened up. It began to rain so hard that I couldn't see the numbers on the ticket dispenser which was about six inches from my face. I managed to pay for the parking and sloshed over to the coffee shop, by which time I was as wet as if I had actually had that shower at home and not bothered to dry myself off. I guess that was my penance for being such a chowderhead today.

In any event, we had another really nice conversation for an hour and a half; at least, I think it was a nice conversation because there were minutes at a time when I couldn't hear a word Gavin was saying (when I stopped babbling long enough to let him take a turn) over the incredibly loud thunderclaps. We were right in the thick of a huge storm for most of the time we were in there. When it looked like it might be clearing we ventured out of Timothy's to go home, but the lull was momentary and I had to drive Gavin home to save him from drowning.

The grass is greening up nicely
I arrived home around 3 p.m. to discover that I had barely missed the end of the Raonic-Tsonga match that I had been watching just after I woke up this morning. The third set lasted for forty-eight games and Tsonga ultimately won 25-23. Just amazing stuff; sad for Raonic that he lost but pretty cool to be part of the longest tennis match in the history of the Olympics. The rain stopped here not too long after I got home; as you can tell from this picture the grass in Stan Wadlow Park has really enjoyed the precipitation of the past week, as it is a lot greener than it was when we returned from Awenda last Monday.

Fluffy clouds in the sunset, surrounded by rain
It started to rain again about half an hour ago, complete with a subdued but still fun to watch light show. I'm pretty happy to see it here, but quite a few of my friends are still desperate to get a few big downpours in their areas of the world. I hope we don't take it all from them. You can see from this picture that the sky can't completely make up its mind what it wants to do; there were a couple of puffy clouds catching the last rays of the sun almost directly over our heads while there was a ring of heavy rain all around them. From my perspective it can rain for the next few days with no complaints from me; Sarah is off work for the next week and a half starting tomorrow and we would like a couple of good, dry days to visit the Zoo and enjoy some other outside activities but that's about all we need.

Of course, there is one member of our household who doesn't care what the weather is doing, for the most part:

Any hard, cool surface is a friend to Addie

Unless, that is, this light show turns into a sound show. Then she'll care a lot.


  1. Some days it really does feel like there is something in the air affecting...everything! You could feel the electrical tension before the rainstorm started.


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