Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day Hangover

The midway tonight at 8:30; these people do nothing fast
After all the sun and fun of Canada Day it was pretty hard to drag ourselves out of bed this morning, to be sure. But we had made a date with our friends Louise and Mike (the latter here on a very short visit from England) to have brunch with them at Flo's Diner in Yorkville. It was a special treat to be downtown early on a Holiday Monday because it seemed almost like a ghost town (Louise said she kept expecting to see zombies coming from around the corner). We got a great table outside under a huge umbrella and spent the better part of two hours with our wonderful friends. I'm really glad we were able to see them today, but let me tell you: it had to be a special occasion indeed to get us out of the apartment because we were absolutely zonked this morning.

(Nearly)-full moon over Lake Ontario
Later in the day we got to meet up with more terrific friends (where "more" is meant to modify "friends" and not "terrific") as Alex (the birthday boy from Saturday), Julie and Zoe dropped by to use the Kiwanis pool up the street from us. We joined them over there for an hour or so and then the whole gang came back to our apartment for a barbecue, some tunes and some conversation. Julie is expecting their second child (a boy!) any day now and it was really nice to see them in such a relaxed setting before the newborn months set in. They left mid-evening but I just haven't had the energy to even sit down and compose today's blog piece before now; however the stunning full moon has risen and is staring at me through the window as I sit at my computer keyboard, bringing me newfound energy as it does every 30 days, give or take. I tried to get a good shot of the moon as I see it now but my attempts were not successful, so here is a photo (above right) of the nearly-full moon shining off of Lake Ontario, taken last night after the fireworks. Note the heavy traffic on Woodbine Ave. (the main street in the picture). The taillights are on cars leaving the festivities at Stan Wadlow Park; the headlights are people returning home from the fireworks at Ashbridge's Bay, where yet another shooting in a crowded area took place last night. I don't know what the deal is with this recent epidemic, but I'm pretty unimpressed.

Anyway, let's return to the better memories of yesterday. I would like to share a few more pictures and videos that I took on Canada Day and...then I think it's time to crash.

No parade is complete without roller derby grrlz
Even Addie was zonked by the Canada Day fun

Crowd preparing for fireworks
The grand finale...from our balcony

Perhaps an Atlanta Braves fan?

We spotted this flag on Woodbine yesterday during the parade. I can't tell if this was done by accident, if it was meant to be a political statement, or if the person who lives there was a member of the US Marines Colour Guard in 1992.

Red, white and bloody caesar

Here's a shot of Grumpy P in his Canada Day "finest". We're on the balcony, waiting for the sun to go down which, looking at my outfit, clearly cannot happen quickly enough.

And finally, here are a couple of short videos I shot at the parade yesterday. The first is of the crazy Shriner cars, zipping around on the street in front of us (there are sometimes as many as eight or nine of these cars in the parade but only three yesterday; I wonder if they're connected with the people who messed up the midway?):

The second is of a concertina band whose name and origin I do not know, sorry to say. I enjoyed their sound, but I turned off the camera too quickly: they had just begun playing The Maple Leaf Forever when the video stops, sadly:

Well, another summer long weekend has come to an end. This one seemed to go by faster than ever before. Time to crank up the white noise of the A/C in our bedroom so we can try to block out the sounds of the myriad morons of the neighbourhood who must have missed the actual fireworks yesterday and are now randomly shooting off bottle rockets all over the place, which has the additional wonderful effect of causing every dog for blocks to start barking at the same time. It's an annual "tradition" around here; maybe this year they'll stop before midnight. Here's hoping!

Hope you had a wonderful, happy, sunny and safe weekend wherever you were, in Canada or elsewhere.


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