Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Trying to Make it to Friday

Another shooting today in Toronto. At least this shooter had the "decency" to only hit the one person. I guess that's an improvement.

And then there was the small matter of the machete attack about 100 yards from our car dealership. So, what: it's gotta be the heat, right? Right?


Our beautiful, annual site at Awenda
Well, if we make it to our car safely on Friday morning we're off to Awenda this weekend. We've camped there the last three years in a row, but usually in a large group that goes mid-month. This year that gang went to Presqu'ile and we just didn't want to go there, so we booked a week later on the same site we've had every year (pictured at right). Our friends the Ramendas will be joining us for most of the time we're up there and that will be a really nice treat for us. We're getting out of Toronto early Friday morning to beat the weekend traffic (which, in Toronto, starts around 11AM these past couple of years) and we're not coming back until Monday afternoon or evening, depending on the weather, for exactly the same reason. My kids are splitting the weekend cat-sitting duties for us, which we really appreciate.

By mid-afternoon Friday, I fully expect my view to be this:

The view from my "anti-gravity" chair

If we're lucky, our friend "Chippy" will come back and visit us, or perhaps a cousin will show up instead:

Dramatic chipmunk
Uh...I think you're full, sir

We'll spend a good portion of the weekend swimming in Georgian Bay, hopefully get in a hike or two, cook out in the open air, maybe get down to the harbour in Midland again:

Midland harbour

And this will be Sarah's perch for a good part of the weekend:

Sarah's hammock

Ok, you know what? I'm starting to feel better already.

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