Thursday, July 26, 2012

Awenda 2012 - Day Three - Chippy Party Time

Sarah and her "students"
Sarah and I got up fairly early on Sunday morning in order to cram as much fun as possible into the day, the last we would spend with the Ramendas on this trip. Kristen was the first of her family up and she hung out with us for a while until the rest of her family joined her. We cooked the last of our bacon and fried up some more eggs, then popped over to our friends' site to see what their plans were for the day. The kids wanted to do some soapstone carving and we knew that their time would be tight because they needed to be off their site before 2PM, so Sarah and I offered to take the three over to the amphitheatre area while their folks packed up to leave. This is not an area of expertise for me to say the least, but Sarah - being a sculptor and former art teacher - was a huge help to the kids as they worked on their shark, turtle and bear paw (which Erin later turned into a bird, from what I understand). There were a few other people there but it certainly wasn't crowded. If you didn't want to carve the soapstone you could make your own canoe paddle, but I didn't see anyone doing that while we were there. That would have been my preference had I felt compelled to do something.

Right this way to the hands-on fun
Two carvings (not ours) from that morning

Some paddles ready to be "finished"
Beautiful new stage at the amphitheatre
/, Sarah on the beach
After an hour or so Trish and Chris showed up, having finished their tear down and check-out. We said our goodbyes and Sarah and I headed for the beach, mindful of the fact that clouds were supposed to move in again later in the day. This meant we didn't get to see the finished works of art, but hopefully we'll get a viewing when we get together with them again in early August. As for the clouds, well...they never did materialize and we spent a couple of glorious hours hanging out in Georgian Bay and occasionally coming out of the water to relax on the beach for a few moments.

The Royal Gazebo
Cabanas, gazebos, shelters and half-tents seem to be more and more popular every year. We almost felt out-of-place with our two folding chairs and beach umbrellas, but we decided we were just being "retro". I admired this regal-looking structure on the beach in front of us; it seemed as if there should be ferns and peacock feathers lying about inside. I also wondered about its effectiveness: I took this shot in late afternoon, admittedly, but if you look at the shadow you will realize that one would need to sit completely outside of this cabana to receive any benefit of sun-sheltering. It cannot be angled so it seems that the window of opportunity to sit inside its walls is very small indeed.

New movie pitch: A Faceful of Peanuts
Eventually it was time to head back to our campsite and chill out (although from what, I have no idea) before dinner. I realized that, while I had heard a lot of chipmunks while we were camping I had not to that point actually seen any of them on our site. Time was rapidly running out for the annual "Chipmunk Feeding Frenzy" I like to set up, so I decided to settle into my zero-gravity chair and see if I couldn't coax a few of the little guys and gals into dropping by for a free meal. Because a lot of the other campers had left the park I managed to attract quite a little crowd - I think there were four different chipmunks at my party.

And, judging from the following video, it was a raging success. Ladies and gentlemen, the world premiere of Chippy Buffet:

You see? I promised you it would be worth your while to come back and read today's blog piece. Where else are you going to find that kind of entertainment?

Tomorrow: the (possibly anti-climactic) conclusion to the Awenda Saga.


  1. Cinematic gold! Those cheek pouches are hilarious.

    1. I think I found the most perfect "finale" slide ever, too. :)

    2. I noticed you where wearing your new shirt! I loved the video and remember its not a camping trip until you feed a chipmunk!

    3. Hi Kristen! Well spotted! I was indeed wearing that cool new shirt in the video. :)

      You are absolutely right: it's not a camping trip until you feed a chipmunk. One year we forgot to bring peanuts and I had to feed them peanut butter on toast. It still worked out ok, though. ;)


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