Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pool Party!

I wish I was still in this pool now...
It was a great weekend for seeing friends; luckily for us, we did a lot of just exactly that. Yesterday we dropped in on the Lofthouses and their brand-new baby; today we dropped in on the Fullers for a barbecue and a dip in their pool. They're moving in a week, so this was our last chance to take advantage of the pool and we missed out on the last invite in May because we just couldn't get out there. There was no way we were missing it this time, especially with the ridiculous temperatures around town the past little while. So we navigated through the various road closures around town this Molson Indy weekend, fended off the threatening clouds and spent an idyllic few hours in the ultra-relaxed company of some pretty fine people.

As usual, Sarah saw a pool and was the first one in
The pool was so warm and welcoming that we spent about an hour and a half just lounging in it and chatting. I think Sarah would still be there now if we had let her, but eventually we had to get out to have the dinner our hosts John and Cynthia threw on the barbecue for us. We dined al fresco on chicken and salad (both tossed and homemade bean) with a delicious custard pie for dessert. Kemp brought a fantastic Irish whiskey by the name of Greenore which he introduced Michael and me to in an evening at Allen's on the Danforth last summer. It's really tasty, though not particularly easy to find at the LCBO. Barbecue, beer, good company, mix in the break in the heat wave that finally came this evening and you have all you need for a mighty fine summer Sunday.

Food, friends and fresh air
Cynthia is the friend who introduced me to Lisa Taylor of the Challenge Factory and set me off on the path to career happiness, so I have a lot to thank her for. John, her husband, and Nancy are friends I met in university; Michael and Kemp I have written about before. Sarah is "Mrs. Grumpy P" and Michelle is a friend of Cynthia's that we met tonight...but feel we've met before. The group couldn't have been more fun and the evening was absolutely lovely in every possible way. While we were driving back home Sarah remarked that the weekend was "exactly what she needed": relaxed and filled with many of our very favourite people. The weekend was exactly what a summer weekend should be, when you get right down to it. In fact, all three weekends of summer so far have been pretty fantastic.

I am really counting on that trend to continue unabated through the fall.

A huge thank you to our hosts, John and Cynthia, and to my son, Tim, who took care of Addie's dinner needs while we were off unwinding.


  1. I absolutely love swimming, and a private pool is an extra-special treat!


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