Thursday, August 2, 2012

♪Walkin' on in the Beaches...♫

...♫lookin' at the peaches...♪

Hey! That's mine!
It's Day Two of Sarah's "Staycation" (I (shudder) really hate that word). After a yummy lunch and some Olympic spectating we decided to head down to "The Beach" (do not call it "The Beaches" as they get quite irate) for a treat from Ed's Real Scoop near Beech and Queen (om nom nom) and a walk along the boardwalk. We each grabbed a waffle cone; Sarah filled hers with raspberry fro-yo and I chose raspberry with white chocolate ice cream. In retrospect, at least one of us should have had something with peach in it, I suppose, to really make the song above have relevance here. Oh well, maybe next time. Thank goodness I grabbed a couple of extra serviettes on the way out the door because my ice cream melted pretty quickly, but Sarah's yogurt was practically a leaky faucet by the time we got down to the Balmy Beach Club.

Balmy Beach "Slip 'n' Slide" being rolled up and put away
It was still quite muggy this afternoon but we haven't seen much of the sun for a while, which was fine for us today because it sure kept the crowds away from the lake. I suppose it also had something to do with why nobody was using the "slip 'n' slide" right in front of where we sat for a couple of minutes with our cones, and why it was actually being rolled up and put away for the night at 3:00 in the afternoon. Now that I know it's there, though, I'll try to get back at some point this summer while it's actually being used and get a few pictures.

Grumpy P on the boardwaddle walk
Once we were done with our orgiastic delights (seriously, if you've never been to Ed's you really must get there some day) we walked down the steps to the boardwalk and ventured east as far as it went, which was not really that far at all. We considered walking across the sand to a rocky outcropping that was perhaps 300 metres away, but then we saw the signs that announced the "Leash Free Area" we would need to negotiate and decided to pass. We turned back and followed the path westward until we came to a sign containing the very short story of the "Scarboro' Beach Amusement Park" which opened in 1907 and was closed only eighteen years later. The huge Sunnyside Amusement Park on the lakefront at the other end of the streetcar line opened in 1922; I wonder if this had anything to do with the demise of the Scarboro' Beach Park just a few years later. In any event, it looked like a wonderful place in its brief existence and yet nothing whatsoever remains of it today, save for "Hubbard Blvd." which runs parallel to the beach and was named after the park's General Manager, Fred Hubbard. The plaque commemorating the long-lost attraction is situated directly in line with the foot of Scarborough Beach Road (apparently this is where the entrance gates were for the park), which runs a very short distance from Hubbard to Queen. I am quite familiar with the top end of this street, because I used to manage the music store that sat directly across Queen St. from the junction with Scarborough Beach Rd, the late, lamented Sound City, Beaches.

Sound City then (2005)....
...and now

I only worked there for about seven months, but it was the job I knew I needed to do at some point in my life. And it was in The Beach(es). And it lasted all summer long. I think that the summer of 2005 was the best "working summer" I ever had.

Lovely rock garden and cascade in Ivan Forrest Park
After a brief visit to Mastermind - which is always fun - we ambled along Queen St. eastward toward Babar, our Ford Escape. We stepped down off of the street for a moment into Ivan Forrest Gardens, situated at the corner of Glen Manor and Queen, right across the street from where Project Phoenix performs every year during the Beaches Jazz Festival. (By the way, I'd like to point out that it's not called the "Beach" singular Jazz Festival, so this whole issue with the name of the region is quite ridiculous.) Project Phoenix is a terrific funk band which is headed by Bruce Wright, brother of my close friend, Michael, and we try to see them as often as we can. However, this summer we lost track of the weekends and missed the Beaches Fest completely, which was tremendously disappointing. Hopefully they'll be playing again soon so we can make up for this oversight.

On the south side of Queen, across from Ivan Forrest Gardens, we saw this wonderful storefront:

I can smell the fruity goodness from here

The only thing that might have made this image better: if they had put a giant cut-out of the cartoon character "Henry" in front of the window, staring up longingly at the pie with dashed lines indicating the direction of his gaze. You remember Henry, right? Surely I'm not that old:

Henry, created by Carl Anderson, ghosted for years after his death

Try as I might I was unable to find a copy of a strip where Henry was staring at a pie on a windowsill, plotting how to steal it. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Again.

Tomorrow's adventure: the Picasso exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I'm sure I'll have something to write about after that experience! Saturday will find us at a barbecue; Monday, a picnic. We're going to have to squeeze some work on my website in there somewhere. So it's looking like a busy weekend!


  1. The Beach(es) is/are a really interesting area of Toronto. I can't believe there is absolutely nothing left from the Scarboro Beach Park. I looks like it would have been a very nice amusement park!

    1. It really does. I'd love to have a roller coaster down by Lake Ontario, for one thing.


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