Saturday, May 12, 2012

Coffee Just Tastes Better Outside

Sarah and I woke up this morning to brilliant sun and a temperature of nearly 20 degrees (which felt an awful lot hotter on our side of the building, let me tell you). This allowed us to have coffee out on the balcony for the first time since March Break. It seems that every time we've had the opportunity to do so since then it's been raining, or windy, or cold, or all three. So we put the harness and leash on Addie....

"It's coming right for us!!"

....Sarah poured a "cuppa Joe" for each of us (except Addie!)....

Sheep mug and Dominican hat: perfect!

....and we all sat outside with drinks (water for Addie) and snacks (Danishes for us, cat grass for Miss Mew).

"Om nom nom...."

Addie was in her glory. She wandered to and fro, keeping an eye on the wasps and butterflies that managed to venture 20 storeys up in the air. The bird activity was fairly minimal; for the most part the pigeons spent their time sunning themselves on other railings on the building. Addie even took the time to absorb a little culture....

Addie communing with the Terracotta Soldier

....until one of those sunning pigeons did a fly-by....


....and landed high above our unit on the roof of the building. So, of course, Addie had to stalk it....

Rapt attention

....until it flew off, untouched by kitty hands.

At one point, Sarah and I stood by the railing to look at the valley below us, where the green is starting to deepen and the woodland creatures are coming to life. Addie thought she was being left out of the excitement, so she tried to join in:

"I wanna see!"

Luckily, Addie shows no inclination toward jumping when she is on the balcony, but just in case I had my foot on the leash while she was standing on her back legs. It's just like having a toddler around; I never let my guard down when Addie is out on the balcony with us and she is always harnessed and leashed.

Soon we all settled back down again....

The very picture of relaxation

....and Sarah decided she had had enough sun for a while....

Sarah on the phone with her mom

Just before we came inside I watched some youngsters playing baseball on the fields below (one of my favourite pastimes at this time of year). It's difficult to see in this "zoomed" picture, but I was really getting a kick out of watching this group bobbing about in their red jerseys against a sea of green:

Stan Wadlow Park, behind East York Arena

We're going to a barbecue later this afternoon; it's still quite warm here but it's clouded over considerably since this morning. Our fingers are crossed that this will pass soon. Hope wherever you are the weather is treating you as kindly. Happy Saturday!


  1. You guys take such good care of Addie! The weather has been great here today, too. Have a good barbecue!

    1. Aw, thanks! Yup, she's our little bundle of furry love. She dotes on us, too, so it's quite symbiotic!

      We had a wonderful barbecue and even managed to drop in on more friends on the way home. What a great day. Glad your weather also was terrific!


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