Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Test Drive Day is Almost Here!

Today I heard from Lisa Taylor of The Challenge Factory that they have confirmed a "Test Drive" for me and all that remains is to work out a specific date! They've created a brand-new test drive just for me (I linked to their "catalogue" in the previous sentence, but what I'm doing isn't in there). I will be working with Keka DasGupta, President of Precision Marketing Group, where we will be comparing, contrasting and discussing (from Lisa's email to me):
· Freelance vs company work
· Cause based writing vs product public relations
· Big campaigns vs small pieces of work
· Writing and techniques that work
· Client management and care
...all in a hands-on work environment. This is a huge step for me and I am tremendously excited about it. Of course I will write all about the day on this blog once it happens; for now all I have to go on is Keka's company's website and this information, passed on to me in the email today: "Keka is an accomplished professional in PR who came out of the large agency world (she worked for one of the world’s largest organizations and led the IKEA account) to start her own business. She will specifically be able to give you the experience you are looking for to test [your] ideas out".

My eventual target will hopefully be animal welfare groups or organizations; however, as that is rather a narrow focus to begin with Lisa thought it best for me to gain a broader perspective on the PR industry at large. This is a monumental step for me; I think I held my breath through my entire reading of Lisa's email today!

As you can see, the entire family shares my enthusiasm:

Addie as I told her the news about my "test drive"

Yeah....it's been a pretty quiet day around these parts, other than that terrific news. Even Mayor Fist managed to keep his news-making items down to a dull roar, such as the entirely expected shunning of another Pride-related event. Given that this event will be held on May 17 (my birthday and, more importantly, weeks before the actual Pride festivities) and Ford could almost literally fall out of his office and land on the flagpole, it just makes it even more shameful that he will be skipping this event, but - as I mentioned - completely foreseen. He also did his no-longer-regular weigh-in today and hilarity ensued, as it often does. Well, actually, nothing happened. He wouldn't talk to anyone, which I think might be his best plan of attack for the rest of his term. He's even good at ignoring the press ironically.

Of course, we lost Maurice Sendak today. There were some brilliant things written about him throughout the day, with my personal favourites being this interview snippet and this terrific sit-down that the Globe did with him last fall and which they reprinted on their website today. I have to admit this: I don't believe I have ever read a single one of his books. I didn't read them when I was a child and I didn't read them to my own kids. I don't even think I can tell you why; it's just one of those things. I do know he had a tremendous impact on Sarah and her brother; her personal favourite, she tells me, was In the Night Kitchen. After reading that Globe interview, I think I might have erred in not seeking out some of his books. You may already have figured out that I am most fond of born "contrarians".

One more picture to share from today:

Sarah "sitting in" on a promo for the Dark Shadows movie

Wow. She could easily be mistaken for a cast member of Dark Shadows in that photo!

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