Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Relaxing Weekend

For the first time in quite a while Sarah and I have a weekend "free" so we're going to kind of "go with the flow" and "see what happens" so I can "post about it" tomorrow with even more "unnecessary quotation marks". Last night we went out with her brother, Brian, for some late-evening nosh and pints. There was a rep there from Carling who are doing a promotion in conjunction with the UEFA championships being held this year jointly in Poland and the Ukraine. The grand prize is a trip to Poland which can be entered via their Facebook page. We received PINs to enter this contest at the bar last night but you can get them sent to you from the FB site as well. But what you can't get from that site is the free beer that Sarah, Brian and I were given last night. That's my favourite flavour of beer: free.

We also were given these funky hats that make you look like you have "troll hair":

I rubbed Sarah's Trolly head for good luck and it worked! I didn't get any more free beer but I did get to go home with the best-looking and smartest gal in the whole place. Oh, don't groan. You'd have said the same thing in my position. Yes, you would have. Don't even pretend.

Today Sarah and I hung out together at home and decompressed for a while then popped out for a short time to do a little shopping. One of our stops was the local PetSmart store where they were having an Adopt-a-thon weekend. There were about twice as many cats there as they usually have from Toronto Animal Services - including two 8-week old adorable kittens. They were the main attraction as you can imagine, although while we were there at least one of the mature cats was adopted. Very nice. At some point we will bring a second cat (at least) into our household but that's a bit down the road for us. However, if you are thinking of adopting a furry companion, this is a terrific time to do so. Have a look at the link I posted for the particulars. There were also a couple of dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs at the location we went to (Warden and St. Clair).

We didn't go home empty-handed; we picked up a couple of toys for Addie because she has seemed bored with her collection recently. This is a "Tweet Thing" made by the Pet Links System people and she has already been playing with it quite a bit:

The idea is she bats it around and it's supposed to wobble unevenly and make chirping noises. The chirping it does; not so much with the wobbling. But that's ok: she seems to prefer to wrestle with it anyhow. That may not be obvious in these pictures, because Addie is nothing if not a ham when she sees a camera come out.

Tomorrow we are thinking of heading out to the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, a place Sarah has been wanting to get to for quite a while and for which we recently purchased Team Buy discount tickets. If we do go to Cambridge, we will either visit Elora or St. Jacob's as well (likely Elora this trip); however, if we decide not to make the drive (for whatever reason) we'll probably try to take part in one of the many Jane's Walks going on around town (and all over the world) this weekend. If you are looking for an entertaining and enlightening activity tomorrow where you will get lots of fresh air and exercise, I urge you to check out their website and pick a walk in your area. Here are a couple of pictures from recent walks that Sarah and I have taken part in:

Ceta Ramkhalawansingh's walk in the Grange
Max Allen's night walk in the Club District

Whatever you decide to do with your weekend, I hope you're enjoying the same delightful spring weather we're having here in Toronto. It's really pretty great out there right now - and supposed to be even better tomorrow!


  1. Dragged the telescope out to look at the moon and stars tonight. Love the pub hats! And the weather is great.

    1. *slaps head*. Oh. My. Goodness. The "super moon" was actually one of the things I came on here to write about...and I completely forgot. *That's* how relaxed I am! Thanks, Natalie, for dropping that in there. There's a clear sky hear in the east; we should have a terrific view of the moonrise in an hour or so.

    2. Hahaha! You can write about it today. :) You can use my Facebook moon photo if you want!

    3. Hmmm. Tempting and very generous. I'm going to write about the Butterfly Conservatory...and tell people to link to your site for the moon pics. :D

  2. PetSmart must have been having an adopt-a-thon across the country. Our local store here in Freddy Beach was also participating. I didn't adopt a cat but I did pick up a fancy new collar for my beast of a dog (adopted from the SPCA of course). I've been told that the best time to view the super moon here in the east is 12:30 AM local time so I would wager I'm going to miss that.

    1. I think that's right about PetSmart. I also think it's a quarterly event, unless I heard that wrong today.

      I think that time you're quoting for the Super Moon is when it's at its perigee (closest to earth). I'm hoping to get a good look at the moon rise tonight, which should be quite a bit earlier. I think. Hope so, anyhow.


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