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Ford the Goon: Updates on the Saga

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Hizzoner showing reporters that it's dark and there's his house
This will not be my only blog entry today because I can't bear the thought of spending two entire days on this idiotic story to the exclusion of all others. However, I had to make so many "updates" to my blog post yesterday (and there's still more "news" since then) that I thought it would be better to tie them all together in a second entry. I have also removed these updates from yesterday's post so if any of them seem like "déjà vu all over again" you may have read them late yesterday.

First came this news: just as in the Marg Delahunty incident, once again the Fords have "evidence" that they refuse to release. Clearly, it shows them to be very much in the wrong, just like the 911 calls that they and the police declined to make public. Why should they? The same sheep as ever are flocking to their defence. Shameful.

Daniel Dale gave this interview yesterday after speaking with police in Etobicoke. I guess it's easy to see why he would appear so "frightening" to a man the size of Rob Ford. It's interesting to me that Dale says Ford came around back the same way he did; ie, he didn't come through his backyard. If he was told that there was someone in his backyard, then why did he take the long way around? Yet another lie in a seemingly endless spool. There is absolutely nothing that Rob Ford will ever again say that I will be able to believe. I think he is pathological.

Here are comparison pictures of the cinderblocks behind Ford's house that he claimed Dale was standing on. This is what is know as "tampering with the evidence". I can't for the life of me think of why the Star - or at least Dale himself - are not pressing charges here.

Late yesterday we were treated to this bit of stunning news: after Ford stole Dale's out-of-power cellphone, he and/or his brother powered it up and made a call. Yes, you read that right. These two mental midgets thought it would be ok to steal a cellphone and then use it themselves. There are synapses that just don't fire in the craniums of these two morons. Of course, they leaked information to the Sun that the cell phone was "ringing" later in the evening without actually explaining how a call was made from that phone while it was in their sole custody. Being the terrific newspaper of journalistic excellence that it is, the Sun declined to pursue that part of the story any further, preferring instead to print their usual outstanding mix of innuendo and mockery. At least they're consistent.

Last night a calmer and more lucid Daniel Dale filed this report about the confrontation. Clearly he is not a "wuss"; I had no idea he had covered some dangerous stories far away from Canada. He asks some excellent questions, in particular why a man who claims he was shouting at Dale to "get out of here" would then deliberately and repeatedly block his attempts to do precisely that? I also enjoyed the "Family Circus"-style drawing at the bottom of the article, complete with timeline. It further emphasizes how ridiculous it was for Ford to take the path he did to confront Dale if, as he claims, he was told there was someone in his backyard and he went out for the safety of his family. It's pretty obvious to anyone who gives it even a moment's clear thought that Ford knew exactly who was out there long before he went to confront him; had he thought there had truly been a prying stranger then why didn't he exit through the backyard gate?

Anyhow, that's how the story stands now. Ford likely won't comment again because he got what he wanted: sympathy from his devoted core group of people with their heads firmly in the sand and a diversion for several days from the political devastation that he is creating in his "mayoralty".

I do hope charges are eventually laid, at least over the use of the stolen cell phone. Try, for a moment, to imagine that Daniel Dale had been a female reporter and Ford had commanded her to drop her purse with her phone in it. Imagine she did and he rummaged through it afterwards. Would so many people be so quick to pin the blame for dropping that purse on the reporter? No, I didn't think so. This really is no different, in my eyes.

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