Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rob Ford, "The Incredible Bulk"*

So, yesterday evening in broad daylight in a public park in Etobicoke, this happened.

If you don't want to click on that link, let me sum up: Rob Ford, the mayor of the largest city in the country, was alerted by "a neighbour" who "rapped on his door to say, 'there’s some guy looking over your fence taking pictures.'" So Ford did what any of us with young children at home would do: he went around to the back of the house to see what was going on. That part I don't think many people can quibble with.

However, it went off the rails immediately after that.

The "some guy" was Toronto Star's Urban Affairs reporter Daniel Dale, who has spent the past 18 months on the City Hall beat and should have been instantly recognizable, even to the mayor's idiot brother. Dale was there to do his due diligence in gathering facts for a piece he was filing on the attempted purchase by Ford and his wife of a piece of parkland next to their home (and very likely wasn't taking pictures of the Fords' backyard, but that's another point). Ostensibly, they wanted this land to "install a better security fence that will help to enhance the safety of [their] children", although today in an appearance on AM 640 in Toronto Ford said he was trying to buy the land to give his children more room to play. If he can't even get that small and relatively easy part of the story right, then how on earth can he be trusted with the rest of the details?

On that same show - the John Oakley show - this morning, Ford also said that "[Dale} was like a cornered rat, he didn't know where to go...every single person says I should have just cooked the guy." He added, "I never laid a hand on the guy." (For the record, Dale never accused Ford of laying a hand on him.) But read the rest of that quote. After sleeping it off, Ford goes on the air and still talks like a thug, bragging that he had another, smaller man "cornered" and that everyone he has talked to (because he only associates with thugs and bullies) has told him he should have hit Dale. Anyone else see any kind of a pattern of behaviour here?

Before I get to the other side of the story, here are pictures of the two men involved.

Not exactly a fair fight, but then bullies don't normally choose victims who are bigger than they are.

Here is Daniel Dale's account of the events of that evening. I urge you to read the entire account; however, here is the part that shocked me the most:
At some point...he cocked his fist near his head and began charging at me at a full run. I began pleading with him, as loud as I could, with my hands up, for him to stop...Perhaps two metres away from me, the mayor did stop moving toward me, but his face remained menacing, and he continued to cock his fist and shake it. “Drop your phone!” he demanded, shouting louder than I have ever heard him. “Drop your phone! Drop your phone now!”

Every time I tried to sidestep him to escape, he moved with me and yelled at me again to drop my phone. I became more frightened than I can remember; after two or three attempts to dart away, I threw my phone and my recorder down on the grass, yelled that he could take them, and ran.
So, to sum up the encounter: our esteemed mayor robbed a private citizen of his Blackberry on public property in broad daylight by aiming his fist at him and threatening him with physical violence. Do I have that about right? Today the Star said they have "no intentions" of pressing charges against Rob Ford. I really hope they reconsider.

Also, remember when you listen to the sound bites from Ford's quickly-arranged, damage-control presser last night in his driveway in the dark, that it was broad daylight when the whole thing happened, the incident took place on public property, it was investigative journalism for a story the mayor himself created (and, seriously, what idiot who is "worried about the safety" of his children uses their names on the record in an offer to purchase land?), and Ford most definitely knew who he was menacing - and what paper he works for - when he decided to threaten him, meaning - as Toronto Mike's blog so eloquently puts it - Ford wasn't "fearing for his safety, [he was] employing his personal vendetta against the Toronto Star."

So. That's how things stand in our wonderful city. The divide between ideologies has perhaps never been broader than it is this morning and all because our drunken buffoon of a mayor can't stop tripping all over himself.

And how are things where you live? There's a good chance that I am jealous, no matter what your answer is.

* The Incredible Bulk was the title of an old SCTV sketch starring John Candy. It was a satire, obviously, of The Incredible Hulk. It is not simply a name I made up to poke fun at our mayor's weight problem. So there.


  1. Yeah, my lawyer-husband would call Ford's actions "common assault." Ford should be charged. I can't believe the way people stand up for that buffoon.

    Ford is unprofessional, unclassy, unbelievable and unhinged, not to mention a very, very, VERY angry man. Mark my words, one day that guy will just drop dead of a massive heart attack.

    I'm so glad I don't live there and have to deal with that criminal moron.

    1. Any chance that day can happen in the next year or so? ;)

    2. It frightens me how many people have the facts wrong and are jumping to the mayor's defense. When you are in the public eye, you have to be EXTRA vigilant about what to do and what you say.

      No private citizen would get away with this stuff - why is the mayor given a free pass?

    3. Ford's day in the "public eye" includes regular visits to the LCBO and Dollarama, trips to Wal-Mart in sweat pants, etc. etc. etc. He's not a quick study.

      Re: getting the facts wrong: it frightens me, too. These are the same idiots who will try to vote him in again next election based on the same idiotic sound bites that they couldn't be bothered researching LAST election. This city makes me sick.

  2. Yeah, I don't get that either. Why do so many people presume the mayor is telling the truth? Certainly he doesn't have a record of doing so (although he DOES have that record for DUI!) I still don't understand how people like this get elected to office. It says a lot about the incredibly low standards we set for politicians, I guess... :(

    He's not a bad mayor because he's overweight. He's a bad mayor because he's a crazy, out-of-control, racist, bigoted wingnut.

    1. TL;DR - he's a bad mayor because he's a bad person. :) Totally agree!

  3. And PS: I believe the word of the award-winning journalist over the word of the nutjob who refused to take a breathalyser test, gave the finger to a mother and child, got drunk and insulted a couple at a sports even, etc etc etc. Need I go on?

    1. Nope. He has not once told the truth about anything so why start now?

  4. One of these days that porkchop is going to "corner" the wrong person and I'm afraid the results won't be pretty. There's nothing worse than a bully curled into a litle ball wailing like a gutshot dog.

    1. Welcome aboard, buddy! Yes, many of us dream of that day. I think Ford picks his spots too well for that, though. You'll notice he won't even coach football higher than the high school level. He takes no chances. Even his brother has pretended to challenge the bookish Adam Vaughan to a fight. Cowards, all of them.


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