Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Dark Anniversary for Canada

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the night that Stephen Harper stole a "majority" government in Canada. This evening at 10PM EDT (the time the last polls closed in BC and the Yukon) I will mark this occasion with a minute of silence for the country I grew up in, now in serious danger of irreparable damage by this evil man and his merry band of thugs and criminals.

Too harsh? A little melodramatic? Perhaps; but then again, perhaps you haven't been really paying attention this past year. The night Harper was "elected" to his "majority" I posted a comment on a friend's Facebook page that our country was in serious trouble by handing this evil man the keys to the kingdom. Another commenter fired back: "Sigh. Harper's not evil." He went on to accuse the "left" of too much hand-wringing and said we were all over-reacting.

I wonder how he feels now.

The list of policy changes, global embarrassments and outright criminal activities is staggering for such a short period of time, although the Neo-Cons did have a chance to lay some of the groundwork while they were in a minority situation. But once the shackles of having to even pretend to get along with the opposition parties in Parliament were taken off, the destructive machine of the Harper Government has really accelerated. (I bristle at calling it "the Harper Government" because it's what the evil man himself wants us to call it; however, it's even more grating to have to call these horrible people "the Government of Canada" so I choose the lesser of two evils.)

It would require a week's worth of blogging to list all of the changes - subtle, overt and in-your-face blatant - that the HarpGov has made or wants to make to the way our nation operates (for they are far from finished in their "redecorating" process). On top of those changes to our socio-economic fabric there are the outright criminal activities, with the lies about the F-35 jets and the shocking Robocalls election fraud scandal (which rivals even the theft of the 2000 US Presidential election from Al Gore) chief among them.

I usually try to keep this blog from becoming politicized, but this is an anniversary that I feel cannot and must not be ignored. There is a very real sense among many (if not most) Canadians that this man has the capability and the desire to ruin this country for decades in a matter of a few years. Even former Conservative Prime Minister Joe Clark weighed in on this situation recently:
“I’m astounded, frankly astounded, by the degree to which parliament and cabinet acquiesce in following, without any apparent questioning, the PM’s lead,” former PM Joe Clark said in a recent interview. Clark’s view? Stephen Harper has taken the country down the wrong road internationally with a narrow focus on militarism and trade. As for the domestic situation, Clark says Harper has attacked Canadian institutions and doesn’t respect either his party or parliament the way that his predecessors did.
That passage was taken from this article on the ipolitics website. I found it to be a terrific read. Another great source of information is the Tracking Harper website which consolidates news items of the activities of the Harper Government in one easily-accessible place. I liked the "Shit Harper Did" site when it first went up; sadly, it doesn't seem to have been updated since the last election (except for the page with the petition concerning the robocalls) and that's a shame. However, the same people have turned their efforts towards their Facebook page instead and that community is quite vibrant and up-to-date.

In an interesting side note: the book Democratizing the Constitution won the Donner Prize yesterday as Canada's best book on public policy. A very timely book indeed, it purports that "the constitution no longer provides effective constraints on power in the PMO."

Former Senate page Brigette Depape
I am very worried about the future of my country. I have disliked many politicians in the past; I have found several PMs on both sides of the ideological fence to be untrustworthy, scandalous and arrogantly smug. I have never before, however, felt that the leader of our country was evil and dangerous to the very fabric of our nation in the way I feel about Harper - not even Brian Mulroney, whom I detested. Harper is sniffing around the edges of a fascist dictatorship, as you can work out for yourself with the aid of this 14-point description of fascism. This makes his ridiculous statement that the NDP didn't support the fight against Hitler (Godwin's Law at its finest) just that much more astounding. I did enjoy Thomas Mulcair's quick-witted rebuttal, though. And the whole pathetic situation did bring us the hashtag #HarperHistory so at least we all had a good laugh for a moment.

Something tells me a good laugh will be harder and harder to come by for the next few years.

*****UPDATE May 4*****

Elizabeth May has written a brilliant piece which I came across in the online version of Vancouver's Georgia Straight publication. Concise, well-researched and poignant. A must-read.


  1. I feel your pain. May 2, 2011 was the first time I ever cried over election results. And it's because so many people weren't.aren't paying attention that all of this crap is happening. Don't get me started at people who can't even be bothered to vote.

    I don't know where this will all end up but it's not going to be pretty. It's already pretty ugly.

    1. Natalie, thank you so much for this comment. It's always a risky business, posting something political on the 'net. You never know how it will be received and my blog is really in its infancy. However, had I ignored this anniversary I would not have been happy with myself. I cried as well, although to this day I don't know if they were tears of rage, frustration or depression.

      I really appreciate you letting me know - and so quickly - that I'm not just spitting into the wind here. Thanks again!

    2. It is important to continue to point out the transgressions of this, and any, government despite any negative feedback. It is apathy that gets us into these situations in the first place, right?

    3. It's vitally important, yes, but I would submit that it's actually ignorance and stupidity that get us into these situations. It's apathy that *keeps* us there. Either way, though, we definitely need to be vigilant - maybe now more than ever.


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