Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How We Spent Mother's Day

Sarah on the Leslie Street Spit
The weather was fantastic here on Sunday - mid-20s temperature (mid-70s for my American friends!), sunny, nice breeze. Sarah and I decided to get out and stay out of the apartment for as long as we could. She talked to her mom for an hour or so on the phone then we took off for Timmy's for lunch before hitting up a couple of garden centres for some new seedlings and a hanging plant for our balcony. We put the plants in the hatch of Babar (our Escape, explanation later in this thread) and zipped down to the Leslie Street Spit hoping to see some of the huge migration of songbirds that was supposed to be stopping there.

Sarah and her new friend

Whether the birds were still there or not is still a mystery to me because we mostly saw the local wildlife in the area, but we cannot say we were disappointed. There were ducks and herons, red-winged blackbirds and sparrows, chipmunks and at least one snake - the Eastern Garter that Sarah is holding in the picture to the right. We left the car just outside of Tommy Thompson Park and walked far along the spit, stopping a few times to make our way down to the water's edge, off the beaten path, where it was cool, calm and refreshing.

There were many, many people down there on Sunday, although I didn't really get the feeling that this was a "Mother's Day destination" per se. It was great to see all the bikers, bladers, birdwatchers, hikers and others all out in the beautiful early summer weather of Sunday afternoon.

What kind of tree is this?

We stood for a while under this unusual (to me) tree, admiring the funky leaves...or are they flowers? I have done some perfunctory digging but have so far been unable to establish what kind of tree this is. Does anyone know?

Here is another shot from down by the water, illustrating how quiet and calm it was there that day. It looks to me like there's a very small beach close to the point in this picture.

A peaceful place

After a couple of hours we returned home with our treasures and planted/hung them on our balcony. Mostly we bought flowers of one kind of another but we also picked up a little cherry tomato plant and an "everbearing Strawberry" plant just because it fascinated me. We'll have to see how well they flourish.

Operation Balcony Brightening

Addie supervised our efforts on the balcony, although I think she would have preferred it if we had let her "help". In any event, she clearly approved of the marigolds which we put in a planter just outside the screened window.

Addie approves of Sarah's flower arranging

Yesterday was just as beautiful so I spent part of it at the zoo. I'll post those pictures tomorrow. Also, this upcoming long weekend is supposed to be spectacular here in Toronto (at last report). Hope it's spectacular everywhere.

***The promised explanation for the name "Babar": the first car Sarah and I owned (well, leased) together was a silver Ford Focus that she promptly dubbed "Celeste". We had Celeste for four years and when the lease was up we bought our current car, a blue Ford Escape. I decided that this vehicle was more of a boy than a girl and therefore we should name it "Babar" because it has....wait for it....a bigger trunk. Thank you folks, I'll be here all week, try the veal. (Don't get the joke? This might help.)


  1. Ar ar ar, I love how your car got its name!!

    That tree is beautiful. I wish I knew what it was. And Sarah's holding a snake. A girl after my own heart (I illustrated a kids' book about a rattlesnake.)

    Looks like you had a great Mother's Day!

    1. We did! The odd thing is, I always thought Sarah hated snakes. Turns out she just doesn't like water snakes. Who knew?


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