Friday, June 1, 2012

Après hier soir, le déluge*

In case you didn't believe it was raining here
Well, I've been asking for rain and we finally got it. It's pouring out there right now - I think I might even hear a little hail. No thunderstorm, though, which is too bad because they can be pretty thrilling from 200 feet in the air. Instead we just have wind and that's not a very good thing in our apartment. There is a leak that nobody has been able to fix somewhere near our sliding balcony doors and when the wind is coming from the east (like it is right now) accompanied by a heavy rain, water tends to enter into our dining room and bubble up through the tiles, like the opening scene in The Beverly Hillbillies. I find that metaphor quite apt because I feel like a hillbilly most days living in this building! In any event, the humidity had long departed our area by last night so I am a bit surprised by the ferocity of the downpour today. It is supposed to rain through the weekend, too, which I don't ordinarily appreciate but it's been so dry here that I'm not the least bit upset with that news. Also, Sarah is taking Monday and Tuesday off, so that can be our weekend (think: Zoo trip). Also also, the drum circle pounded away until well after 11 PM last night; rain means we won't have to put up with that nonsense on Saturday or Sunday. Always a good thing.

Kemp and Michael were good enough to pass along their photos from last night's wonderful evening. I don't have much commentary to add after yesterday's post, so I'll just showcase the pictures themselves here:

Michael "Mr. Metrosexual" Wright
Kemp "Try Anything Once" Watson

Grumpy P and Artemesia
Sarah's desk from the other side

We apparently dodged a bullet last night with this rain. Boy, the wind is really pounding at the glass now and I can see that we are in the middle of a heavy cloud at this moment. When we finally move I will really miss this aspect of living so high up in the air: nature is so much cooler from this vantage point. The down side: I am now afraid to go downstairs and check on the floor. Maybe I'll take a tip from how Addie is handling the day's events:

"Rain? Feh! It just makes my fur softer..."

In fact, I should really take more of my tips from Addie. Mostly I should sleep more.

This evening Sarah and I are going to see Sophie Milman in concert at Massey Hall. Jazz FM in Toronto had a contest on their Facebook page earlier this week in which they asked their followers to name their favourite Sophie song (I chose My Heart Belongs To Daddy). The first 10 commenters were promised spots on the guest list for tonight's show; I was lucky enough to be the third person to post, so we're in. I have no idea what kind of seats they have set aside; I've been on lots of guest lists but never to a reserved-seat engagement. But it's Massey Hall where there are very few "bad seats". As long as we're not seated behind a pole we should be fine. And if we are, no big deal: we'll get up and leave, because the tickets were free. In any event, I'm a fan of Sophie Milman and Sarah and I are really looking forward to this concert.

Hmm. More wind, heavier rain, darker skies. Time to grab some comfort food and my Martin Amis book, I think. While we still have power, that is, because this particular building is notorious for losing it during storms. Geez, you'd think we had a hobby farm in the Ottawa Valley or something. Next thing you know we'll be posting pictures of ducklings.

From the blog "Knatolee's World"

Too late! Save yourselves!! Or at least check out more pictures!

Oh, and I almost forgot: Happy June, everyone!

*Bonus points to anyone who gets the "play on words" of the title to this post. 

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