Saturday, June 16, 2012

Woozy Weekend


Click on the picture for cool facts about vertigo!
Late yesterday afternoon I suddenly developed a wicked case of vertigo, pretty much out of nowhere. I figured it was something simple such as pinching a blood vessel in my neck or perhaps just not enough sleep, but then last night my joints were sore as well. I went to bed hoping everything would take care of itself, but really only 50% of it did. My joints don't hurt today but the vertigo is still there and now it's accompanied by a left eye that simply won't stop running. I'm guessing now that it's some kind of a cold virus or perhaps low-grade infection in either my ear canal or (more likely) Eustachian tube on the left side of my head. Since there's no pain involved I'm going to wait on this for a day or so to see if it goes away on its own; I'm loathe to take up a doctor's time unless I think it could be really serious.

It sucks, though, because the kids are with me for Father's Day weekend and they hope to take Sarah and me out for brunch tomorrow to celebrate. If I wake up not much better on Sunday I'm afraid we're going to have to postpone that until the next time they're both staying with us (often Tim comes alone). On the one hand, this will likely make the restaurant less crowded when we do get out for brunch; on the other, tomorrow is Father's Day. I'd really prefer this cleared up overnight for pretty much every reason you can think of.

In any event, I am mostly posting my sob story here because I do not have the concentration, acuity of vision or even the stamina to create a "real" blog post today and I did not want this streak of daily posts to come to an end just yet. Also, I kind of felt like whining about it, just a little bit. Thanks for listening.

I have a terrific post planned for tomorrow; I really hope to be able to follow through with it. Keep a good thought for me tonight!

In the meantime, here are two pictures to enjoy: a funky photo of the most recent full moon over the "Field of Dreams below us, followed by Addie posing in a hilarious manner. I hope these will bridge the gap. Now it's off for a lie-down before supper.

Funky full moon

Addie being a clown


  1. Oooh - I really like the "Funky Full Moon" picture!

    1. Thanks, hon. We get some pretty weird shots with our phone cameras, don't we? It looks almost like it was hand-tinted, I think.


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