Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sarah Takes Another Walk

Happy little summer snowman
It's a hot, steamy, suffocating day here in Toronto, absolutely not the kind of day when I would really ever be interested in taking a walk for the fun of it. Luckily for me I had a built-in excuse in that my son is spending time with me this weekend and, as I have written previously, Sarah likes to get out and spend time alone on weekends that one or both of my kids is staying with us. After seeing the condition Sarah was in when she got back I am 100% convinced I made the right decision. On the plus side, though, we have our guest photographer back with us for today's blog post. Hi, Sarah! Let's see what treasures she has in store for us....

Sarah didn't head down into the valley today as she did on previous perambulations, opting instead to walk down to the Danforth and poke around there for a while. On the way she passed the local rink, still operating for the figure skaters and summer hockey players, and she stopped to make me this miniature snowman out of the ice left outside by the Zamboni®. Poor Sarah might have been better served by then either eating him or stuffing him down the back of her shirt to keep cool.

From the rink she proceeded to Danforth Avenue and then west a little past Woodbine to East Lynn Park, where there is a Farmer's Market every Thursday evening from June until the end of October. For the past three weeks, the park has also been home to the Art of the Danforth festival, which ended today. I've been there in past years during the outdoor art festival and it has been quite bustling; for whatever reason, judging from Sarah's pictures, it was pretty quiet there today as it came to a close for another year.

Here are some of her best shots of the winding-down of the festival:

The "Programless Pavilions" installation...
...which was clearly under-utilized, sadly

A tree full of messages, some handwritten....

....others typed on this handy old typewriter

The "Neighbo[u]rhood Messages" explanation
Take a picture, leave the camera

"Activated Window" installation

In one of the shops on Danforth Avenue near the park there was another installation, this one entitled "Activated Window". Sarah explained to me that the idea was to wave your hands in front of this mirrored window and music would start to play. She said that at the end of the musical "performance" there was a recorded message, but unfortunately she couldn't make out what it was saying.

And while she was puttering around on the Danforth, Sarah spotted this:


Yeah. We have no idea what it means, either.

Thanks, once again, to my sweetie for her keen eye while on her walk today, giving me something interesting to share with you on this sweltering Sunday afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. The Art of the Danforth festival was neat, I was really glad to have a chance to check it out. It was, however, so hot that I think a lot of potential wrap up day activity was unfortunately curbed.

    That strange mural actually attracted a few strange looks from passers-by, including a woman who pointed at the pink-haired creature near the top, and asked out loud "what is that supposed to be?", followed by a lot of laughter from her friend. It was not part of the art festival. ;)

    1. Well, it's a genie, of course! And there's a woman with rainbow hair holding a basket of eggs...and a floating spider...and then the green creature near the bottom left that looks like some kind...and then....

      Yeah. I've still got no idea.

  2. The happy little summer snowman is truly a delight. I'm jealous. I want a happy little summer snowman too.

    1. Well, we'll be there in two weeks. Any functioning rinks nearby? ;)


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