Sunday, June 24, 2012

Art Fayre in Dunvegan...Full Report Tomorrow

Grumpy P and partner are away in the beautiful Ottawa River Valley right now. I hope to be back in time tonight to post a piece about the events of this weekend. In case I am not, please have a look at the Art Fayre blog and Facebook page for this event - there should be updates there. I'll be back as soon as I can with pictures and tales from Art Fayre!

If that isn't good enough for you, here is a video of a squirrel eating peanut butter from inside the jar. Enjoy!

****UPDATE Sunday, June 24, 10:50 PM****

After an exhausting weekend we arrived home late this evening far too tuckered out to do the Art Fayre any justice. I'll have a post up on Monday about the Art Fayre itself and another post on Tuesday relating how the rest of the trip went. Please come on back and check them out! Thanks!


  1. It was great seeing you both this weekend! And that squirrel has died and gone to heaven...

    1. Same here, Nat! Terrific meeting you! Sorry we just couldn't make it back to meet Gordon today - as it was we only got home around 10. (Lots of traffic and 5 1/2 hours of rain.) We'll have to make a point of meeting you both when we're next out that way - on a weekend that doesn't involve a huge event. ;)


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