Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June is Bustin' Out All Over!

♪ June is bustin' out all over!
All over the meadow and the hill!
Buds're bustin' outa bushes
And the rompin' river pushes
Ev'ry little wheel that wheels beside the mill! ♫

Our view of Lake Ontario (Woodbine Ave. is at the far right)
What a beautiful day it was around these parts. The sky was a deep, clear blue and I could see for miles (all right, kilometres) from our balcony. It was such a pleasant temperature - once the sun wasn't shining directly into our windows - that I was able to turn off the air conditioners for a while and bring Addie outside with me for some fresh air. I loved the little ring of clouds around the horizon: it really lent some depth to the vista. You won't be able to tell from this picture, but the camera was pointing towards Niagara Falls; the day was clear enough that I was able to make out the silhouettes of the Skylon and the hotels surrounding it. It's a pretty incredible view on a clear day; it's even better at night. Last night it was so clear that I could see the lights of Hamilton, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and even Fort Erie, all along the west side of Lake Ontario to the Niagara Escarpment. On clear winter days we can actually see the steam rising off of the Falls. And on Canada Day we can see seemingly infinite fireworks displays in that same direction.

Struttin' around like they own the place
These two brats were teasing Addie while I was holding her, as they flitted back and forth between the balconies on either side of us. I don't care much for pigeons and we used to rattle our screens to shoo them off when they would wake us up far too early in days gone by; that all came to an end when we brought Addie home. They are her favourite creatures on the planet and she can spend hours just staring at them as they preen on the roof of the building, scant metres above our upper windows. There was a beautiful white pigeon joining in the fun and I tried to get a picture of it (or, really, of any of them) in full flight just a few feet from our railing, but they were too quick for me. I was only able to take this shot of them at rest, which isn't nearly as interesting or poetic. I'll just have to keep trying, I guess. I had hoped to snap a shot of the local Red-tailed Hawks as they soared majestically over our building, but I haven't seen a trace of them this spring, sadly. I thought I saw a couple of coyotes heading down into the ravine several weeks ago; I wonder if they scared them off this year. Is that even likely?

Kompletely Kontent Kitty
After Addie and I were done our "picnic" (I've been calling our balcony outings "picnics" as an homage to a terrific Whiskas TV commercial of a couple of years ago) we came back inside and I headed for the computer. As expected, it wasn't long before Addie followed me upstairs and collapsed on the daybed behind me. Fresh air always knocks her out but she clearly wasn't done enjoying it on some visceral level, so she went to sleep on her back directly in the airflow from the window in the computer room, in order to continue to benefit from the effects of the beautiful day even while she was unconscious.

I wonder where Addie could be?
By the way, that is a towel you see draped on the daybed, much to Sarah's chagrin. It's Addie's absolute favourite towel and I like to arrange it into a sort of "kitty kave" when we don't have kompany (ok, sorry - I'll stop now), stretching it out on the seat so that the fringes just touch the ground. Addie loves to lie in wait for us under there and "catch" us when we walk past her. A good game of hide and seek is just about her favourite pastime. Other times, such as right now, she likes to just relax in her "fort" because it's cool, dark and relatively quiet. I thought it was darned nice of her to pose for me as I was writing this blog, with her bum and tail just sticking out from under the blanket enough to make my point, visually. Occasionally there are just a couple of paws sticking out; that is my favourite image, but I haven't been clever enough to capture it on film yet.

Of course, there are times when Addie doesn't make it to the "kitty kave", because she doesn't even have the energy to finish a bath - such as yesterday morning:


I apologize for the poor quality of this last picture: I knew if I tried to get to my regular camera Addie would wake up and move, so I had to snap it with my phone's camera on zoom. Still....I hadn't seen her do this since she was a kitten!'

For more terrific pictures and posts about the month of June, please check out the terrific blog of Sarah's mom, Country Mouse, City Mouse!

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