Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rainy Sunday: Perfect for a Stroll

As usual, Sarah was the brightest thing I saw on the walk

"Habitat Restoration": a very good idea indeed
I finally had the opportunity to go with Sarah on one of her weekly perambulations around Taylor Creek Park. It's been drizzling on and off here most of the afternoon, but that just made the walk even more refreshing than it would have been on a hot, sunny day. There were very few people on the paths in the valley and virtually no cyclists flying along from behind us. The air smelled wonderful: clean, fresh and healthy, unlike the heavy haze of recent weeks. Sarah has mentioned that the Parks and Rec people have been letting the natural habitat take over in many areas of the valley; here is a sign that speaks to that decision, one we are both very much in favour of.

Taylor Creek is still very low
We followed a similar route to the one Sarah took last Sunday so we could compare the water level to see if it had risen at all. Here is a photo from the same angle as the one Sarah shot last week (albeit in portrait format; Sarah's was landscape). I've compared them side-by-side and it appears to me that, despite the heavy rains on Friday and semi-steady drizzle of the past two days, there has been virtually no change to Taylor Creek whatsoever. The water doesn't exactly rush along in this area at the best of times, but it is usually considerably higher than this at the end of May. It remains to be seen how this will affect the ecosystem through the summer months. On the plus side, the bullrushes, wildflowers and other plants definitely seemed to be much "happier" today than they had been. The robins and red-winged blackbirds were abundant and we heard some cardinals and other, unidentifiable calls from up in the trees. I haven't seen our local red-tailed hawk family soaring over our building this year; I wonder if they've moved on.

We stopped to play some "Poohsticks":

Sarah, Poohstick at the ready

But I inadvertently cheated (Sarah threw hers out from the bridge so I had time to focus on it with the camera, whereas I was afraid of dropping the camera and barely tossed mine at all) and my Poohstick came under the bridge first:

Raindrops on Poohsticks...(wait for it....)

Spot the Sarah in this picture
We walked back past the "bunker" beside the skateboard park as Sarah had done last weekend. This time she climbed up on top to see what was there (grass that blends into the rest of the field, lending even more credibility to the "bunker" nickname) and I couldn't resist snapping this picture of her while she was up there. I have taken some of my favourite pictures of Sarah while she has been holding that pink umbrella over the years; when it finally has met its maker I think we are going to have to find one for her that is exactly the same colour.

Because of the rain there was nary a soul at the skateboard park, which made it quite dull and uninteresting, so we started back home. We walked slowly past the "Field of Dreams" diamond and watched a moment or two of the game unfolding there. Then Sarah spied the open snack bar in the Stan Wadlow clubhouse and made a beeline for that. We grabbed a couple of hot dogs and strolled back to our apartment. I settled in to write this blog, Sarah popped on to her computer and Addie curled up in one of her favourite spots, right between us:

....and whiskers on kittens.... (told you to wait for it!)

I'm thinking the paw is an emergency release system of some sort.

Today was pretty much the polar opposite of yesterday, mood-wise. Tomorrow we really would like to get to the Zoo, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for good weather; anything rain-free would work for us.

Hope your weekend is going well, too!

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