Wednesday, June 27, 2012


*pronounced: "fo-to-CO-pee-uh", as in "cornucopia" but with photos.

There's not too much happening 'round these parts today - sort of the calm before the storm while we wait for the carnies to show up and take over the northern part of Stan Wadlow Park. Sometime later this week the trucks will start trickling in and a midway will take shape, mostly under cover of darkness. The first ride/attraction/food booth may appear late tomorrow night, but I expect it's more likely we won't see any activity until sometime on Friday. I hope they can handle the "ovenlike conditions" which are apparently on their way to Southern Ontario. Seriously. The paper called them "ovenlike". Hyperbole much?

In any event, and in lieu of any real "news" today, I thought it would be a good time to play "catch-up" with some of the recent pictures I've taken at home. First up: this bold, brazen pigeon. Being on the twentieth floor, we're quite regularly visited by pigeons - especially in the first light of the day. However, they seem to have become much more frequent in their appearances over the past week or so and I have no idea why. This guy landed on the sill just in front of my computer and proceeded to strut right past the open window, stopping on the other side to stare through the glass at Addie, who was as taught as a bowstring on the couch behind me:

"Come and get me, copper!"

I didn't get a shot of Addie because she charged at the window and the pigeon flew away moments after I took that picture. However, later in the day while she and I were in the living room, three more feathered friends showed up and marched around on the balcony railing. Addie immediately went to Threat Level Midnight:

Cat statue

Today has been rather dull and cool weather-wise and there has not been nearly as much avian "soft-shoe" activity on our balcony, so Addie decided to create her own fun. I brought a pair of shorts downstairs to change into, but she had other ideas: she followed me to the living room and demanded to see what I was carrying. I put the shorts on the floor for her to inspect and she immediately decided they were a system of caverns for her to explore...

Hunting for the Treasure of the Pantalones de Padre

...then she turned around and went to sleep in them...

All wrapped up in Daddy's shorts

...and then she woke up just enough to wriggle part-way out of them, causing it to appear as if she was wearing them as actual shorts:

And now modelling Daddy's shorts

Addie loves wrapping herself up in my clothes. It's pretty darned gratifying.

You may recall a post I made a few weeks ago about an evening I spent with Sarah and her brother, where we all got to wear these hats that made us look like Troll dolls. We filled out some contest entries that night as well and Sarah won "a major award". (No, not a leg lamp; that would have been too cool.) A couple of weeks ago it arrived: a pretty neat little folding chair from Carlsberg. Sarah opened it up and put it beside the couch; not two minutes later Addie had claimed it as her own and sat there for the rest of the evening. (The shot is a little dark; the only camera I had handy was my phone and it has no flash.)

"My chair? Mine? Mine, right? Mine."

One last shot, which I happen to find amusing because sometimes you just have to laugh. Last Thursday I went down to the basement to do our laundry before we went away for the weekend. When I arrived there were only two functioning washers out of the five in the room and they were both occupied. A repairman came into the room right behind me, pulling a huge cart full of tools, and announced that he was here to fix the broken appliances. Not "take a look at" them: "fix" them. I watched him look over the situation for a moment then decided to head back upstairs and try again in a few hours. I returned in the early afternoon (about three hours later) and came upon this sight:

The "repaired" washers

The repair guy, who had been sent there by the people who own and operate the machines in our building, had decided to "fix" the washers by putting tape over the card-reader slots of the three non-functioning units and taping their three plugs together over the sink. Because there's no way that could cause more problems, right? Electrical connections love to get wet. Luckily the two remaining washers were available so I was able to get everything done. Too bad one of the dryers I chose didn't bother to spin, so I had to waste another hour while I took the sopping-wet clothes out of the spinless wonder and brought them upstairs to run them through the dryer on our floor.

That was the last trip I will ever take to that laundry room. From now on I will be loading the laundry into the car and driving the ten or twelve blocks to a new Eco Laundry Room that Sarah discovered recently. I figure whatever benefit the earth will reap from the "Eco Friendly" laundry proceedings will be about offset by the carbon footprint of my having to drive there in the first place. But I imagine it could be a lot worse.

It's about 18 degrees here right now, cloudy and breezy. Yet I can see people in the pool in the park. The mind boggles. Well, at least it's open this year.

But that's a story for another day.

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