Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Lazy, Hazy, Not-So-Crazy Day of "Summer"

When I said that Victoria Day in Canada and Memorial Day in the USA were the unofficial "first days of summer" I thought I was speaking metaphorically. Right now, though, the temperature in Toronto is 28 degrees (82 south of the border) and climbing, as ridiculous as that may seem. The humidex is 30, which actually seems low to me considering how oppressive the air is out there right now. At 1PM this afternoon, the humidex dipped below 30 for the first time in well over 24 hours (that's as far back as the readings go on the Environment Canada website) including all through last night and the pre-dawn. This morning I could see the humidity in the sky; the air looked grey and thick and filmy even though the sun was shining brilliantly. All the grass in the fields below us has started to turn brown where only a couple of days ago the green was luxurious.

I'm not a fan of the humid weather in these parts at the best of times, but I'm especially not a fan when it happens this early in the year. I would love to see a good, solid thunderstorm or two in the next couple of days, but in the meantime you'll likely find me locking away at home in front of the a/c as much as possible. Tomorrow, however, I will have to brave the heat and head out for a coffee shop in Leaside where I will be meeting my "expert", because....it's Test Drive Day tomorrow! Yay! I'll have a full report when I get home, if I have the energy; otherwise, it will have to wait until Thursday. I'm really excited about this. I just hope the a/c is working at that coffee shop.

Addie loves baskets and containers
Addie isn't sure if she's a fan of air conditioning or not. I think if we lived in an apartment with central air she would be just fine, but the two window units we have are a bit too "blowy" for her, it seems. The computer room doesn't have any a/c, but it's really hot in here and I have a large fan pointed directly at me when I am working. The rest of the room is too hot for Addie right now, so she is hard-pressed to find anywhere to get comfortable. She is spending more time in closets and under our bed than usual. This picture of her in the storage container in the computer room was taken last week; I doubt I'll see her in there much until the weather cools off once again.

Addie has a foot fetish
This morning when I got up Addie was on the day bed in the spare room and she lifted her head when I walked past the door on my way to the washroom. When I came out again, Addie had prostrated herself in front of the washroom door with her back to me and looked back over her shoulder to be sure I was going to stop and rub her with my feet. This is her favourite way to receive affection and I've given up trying to figure it out or change her pattern. I stood there and obeyed her wishes for over five minutes, alternating feet every minute or so while Addie rolled back and forth between them, nuzzling and purring, licking and occasionally nipping at my toes. Usually Addie tells me when she's had enough; this time I couldn't stand there any longer and I had to walk away. She lay there a while longer in obvious bliss, enjoying the cool floor of the hallway and the memory of the just-finished massage.

Addie and daddy holding "paws"
Later in the day I had lost track of Addie (she was likely someplace dark and cool) and headed downstairs for lunch in front of last night's Late, Late Show, which I DVR every night for just such a purpose. Addie eventually made her way downstairs, but it was obvious she was not quite ready to wake up completely, so she flopped in front of my feet, clearly hoping I would take the hint and rub her some more. I did that for a while, but she never really woke the rest of the way up, so eventually I just stopped and left my foot near her belly. At some point while I wasn't watching her she very slowly rolled a few degrees to her left and gently rested her paw on my foot. She stayed like this for quite some time; even just that barest amount of contact was quite special to me.

Addie will have a full day by herself tomorrow for the first time in a very long time. I'd worry about her, except I imagine she will sleep through it tucked away in our closet and won't even really notice the time passing. But she'll get an extra-special foot rubbing when I get home.


  1. I'm so glad I cleaned the carpet before you took that photo in the living room! :)

    1. Well, I was going to post a different one but it was before said cleaning and I knew you wouldn't be happy. ;)

  2. SHe's such a cutie! I have a feeling it's going to be a long hot summer, so I hope Addie will be happy. My cats love the heat. They go out on the enclosed front porch and melt into pools of liquid, even though we have central A/C in the house.

    1. All my cats pre-Addie have loved the heat. She's an odd one, she is. I think she's got some kind of feline Asperger's but Sarah sticks her fingers in her ears when I talk about it. :)

      But when she wants to be tender, she sure can melt my heart.

    2. Addie, that is. Well, Sarah, too - obviously - but I meant Add- you know, I'm just going to back quietly out of this thread right here.


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